Sarah swooped in and without judgement, started clearing through our kitchen drawers and storage areas. She created piles for me to review and made useful suggestions about how to get things in order. Items used regularly like scissors, pens and tape, all came forward. Old photos, momentos and used-once-a year gizmos took a back seat. Sarah is a master of objectively helping you see your stuff for what it is. She has an easy streamlining process for whittling down the volume to a manageable, organized representation of the things you need, the things you love and the things that just don’t need to be around any longer. Getting organized never felt so good!

My husband and I loved working with Sarah of Hello Clutter. We were amazed at what we were able to accomplish in 3 hours. We chose to focus on our office, which had become a bit of a catch all room. Having Sarah there to discuss what we really needed was so helpful. If we were trying to hold onto things, she would discuss with us why we were keeping it and oftentimes we realized it was better to donate it or throw it away. There is no way we would have decluttered as much as we did without her help! We are trying to set aside some money to have her help us with our master bedroom, which is another majorly cluttered storage space due to its large size!

- Laine D.

- Patty C.

I used Hello Clutter's services in my classroom that has absolutely no storage whatsoever. Before I worked with Sarah, I was stressed and anxious when entering my classroom throughout the day. I had piles of things everywhere and nothing had a place. Sarah has such a sense of peace, purpose, and just made me feel at ease through the entire process. Not only did she give me a space that I wake up looking forward to spending the majority of my day and energy in, I now have a place for EVERYTHING! I truly learned so much from her in just a short amount of time. I got way more out of my 5 hour session than I ever expected to be possible! Words can't describe how much my life was changed for the better because of Sarah and her company Hello Clutter! The best decision I’ve ever made was to hire her!

- Molly A

I worked with Sarah to organize my craft room. For me, crafting has always been my happy place but the disorganized chaos spilling out of my craft room began to hinder my artistic abilities. I didn’t know where or how to start decluttering and the thought was overwhelming. I found Hello Clutter and hiring Sarah has been the best investment I’ve made for my health and happiness. She helped organize my cluttered craft room and turned it into a clean, functional workspace. She asked all the right questions and was supportive and helpful in all the right areas. I felt like my needs were her primary focus. I highly recommend Hello Clutter to anyone in need of home or business organization. Sarah is a true professional with a great talent for making the most of your space! 

- Andy D.

Incredible experience, as expected. Sarah is the best - she encouraged me to get rid of things, and the organization was so personable it looks exactly like I wanted it to. She even went out of her way to get products around town for me and made it as effortless on my end as possible. 100% recommend!

- Caroline E.

I am so happy that Sarah was recommended to me!! My kitchen, bathroom, and closets look amazing, and I feel amazing after watching garbage bag after garbage bag of stuff leave my house (both trash and donations). Sarah is super fun to work with and a genius for organizing. Everything was made so much easier by her taking the donations and getting the organization products I actually needed. Would recommend her to anyone!

- Jenna B.

I took Sarah’s “Fall in Love with Decluttering” course and loved it! She approached each day of the course so thoughtfully and focused on a lot of aspects of decluttering I’d never thought about. Even though I tend to keep my house pretty organized it’s amazing how many spaces actually contain a fair amount of clutter and this course helped me so much with going through that. I’d highly recommend it to anyone who needs some inspiration and decluttering help!

- Micaiah W.

Sarah did an amazing job organizing our pantry - I couldn’t be happier with the transformation. Sarah is so easy to work with and is fantastic at what she does. She is professional, knowledgeable, and I will definitely use Sarah again for future projects.

- Elise G.

Being completely honest here. When my wife first suggested we should get someone to help organize and declutter I told her it would just be a waste. "We can do it ourselves", I said. But my wife really wanted to do it so I begrudgingly gave in, and boy am I glad that I did.

Sarah has helped us with just about every space in our house. We've lived here for almost three years and it actually feels like home now. 

We love our kitchen now - I'm even cooking in it more, not just grilling lol. Our bedroom and closet make my wife feel like she can finally realize what she has when she's in those spaces. 

The living room looks great. There's a place for our son's toys and it's easy for him to help us clean them up when he's done. Watching how good my wife felt after having all these spaces worked on really softened me towards this experience. 

And then we did the playroom/man cave! I have a ton of board games and trading cards, and I tried to organize them myself in a way I thought made sense. The space wasn't the most relaxing, and stuff was always all over the place. I've always wanted my wife to spend time with me in our playroom, but she just didn't ever feel comfortable in it. Now, we spend time there almost everyday! All of my stuff has a place and is easy to put away so we can actually use the space for family time, not just me time.

I am truly thankful for all that Sarah has done to help us in our home! If you are contemplating whether or not to hire her just stop - DO IT!

- Dakota D.

Sarah is hands down the best there is and helped me transform my kitchen into the space that I have been craving since I bought this home! She has an incredible talent for seeing the potential in a space and helping to coach you through the process to achieve an incredible end result. I always thought I was an organized person but truly could not have reshaped my kitchen without her! Thank you Sarah!

- Kristina K.

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